Composer Hans Zimmer has standards. He likes things big. Just look at the movies he has scored: Gladiator, The Last Samurai and The Da Vinci Code. Big films! So how and why did he make the leap to games?

"This is the first time I even stuck my toe into these waters," Zimmer tells USA Today. "Partly because my friend Harry Gregson-Williams (Metal Gear Solid 4, The Taking of Pelham 123) had done the previous one and he had a lot of fun on it and partly meeting the guys and partly it's a really interesting place to go at the moment."


But it was more than that — the graphics helped sell Zimmer. "Plus I think the technology has gotten good enough that things can move a little better. You have to realize I like doing big movies that appear on a big screen," he adds. "So the visuals and the audio have to be of a certain quality before I start to get excited about the thing."

Interview: 'Modern Warfare 2' composer Hans Zimmer [USA TODAY]

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