GAME, one of the biggest retailers of video game products in the world, is in serious financial trouble. So much so it's had to enter administration, and part of that deal means the store can't offer refunds or exchanges on its products.


Which looks like it's making some people walk into the stores and be total dicks about it.

The sign below was put up at one of the affected GAME stores in Ireland, and in big letters up top it's saying "Aggressive, threatening, abusive or violent behaviour WILL NOT BE TOLERATED".

I'd rather not know how many times staff had to put up with that kind of business before the sign went up.

On a related note, it seems that while staff in GAME's UK outlets are being offered decent redundancy payments, those in Ireland are being offered much less. To protest this, some staff have begun a series of sit-ins at their store, and have also launched a Facebook campaign to advertise their plight.


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