Game of Thrones' Rowdiest Song Gets a Celtic Rock Makeover

If there's one sone more popular in the Game of Thrones universe than "Rains of Castamere," it's the rowdy, boisterous "The Bear and the Maiden Fair."


In bars, at weddings, in taverns and on the road, this song gets sung gets sung about as often as someone gets stabbed in the neck.

So it was only a matter of time before someone came up with their own rendition of it (actually, there a lot of versions of the ASOIAF songs on YouTube already. I like this version of "The Rains of Castamere.")


Celtic rock band Irish Moutare has posted the above rendition of "The Bair and the Maiden Fair," which would no doubt raise a few eyebrows if it were ever performed in Song of Ice and Fire's Westeros. Then again, I bet a lot of those guys would dig electric guitars.

Here are the full lyrics of the song, taken from the Wiki of Ice and Fire. It's a call-and-response kind of thing, so keep that in mind as you sing along.

"A bear there was,"
"A bear, A BEAR!
"All black and brown,"
"And covered with hair!
"Oh come they said,"
"Oh come to the fair!"
"The fair? said he,
"But I'm a bear!"
"All black and brown,"
"And covered in hair!"
"And down the road,"
"From here to there,"
"From here!To there!"
"Three boys, a goat,"
"And a dancing bear!"
"They danced and spun,"
"All the way to the fair!"
"Oh! sweet she was,"
"And pure and fair,"
"The maid with honey,"
"In her hair! Her hair,"
"The maid with honey,"
"in her hair!"
The bear smelled the scent,
"On the summer air!"
"The Bear! The Bear!"
"All black and brown,"
"And covered with hair!"
"He smelled the scent,"
"On the summer air,"
"He sniffed and roared,"
"And smelled it there!"
"Honey on the summer air!"
"Oh I'm a maid,"
"And I'm pure and fair,"
"I'll never dance,"
"With a hairy bear,"
"A bear! A bear!"
"I'll never dance,"
"With a hairy bear!"
"The bear,the bear!"
"Lifted her high,"
into the air!"
The bear, the bear!"
"I called for a knight!"
"But you're a bear!"
"A bear! A bear,"
"All black and brown,"
"And cover in hair!"
"She kicked and wailed,"
"The maid so fair,"
"But he licked the honey,"
"From her hair!"
"Her hair! Her hair!"
"He licked the honey,"
"From her hair!"
"Then she sighed and squealed,"
"And kicked the air,"
"She sang: My bear so fair,"
"And off they went,"
"The bear! The bear!"
"And the maiden fair!"

Wow, that's a lot of lyrics about bears.

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