Game Called Infini-Quest Has, Spoilers, Infinite Quests

And you can do pretty much anything during those quests. I covered myself in pig's blood and danced around a quizzical swan. According to Infini-Quest, my actions won't soon be forgotten. I should hope not.

Infini-Quest is a free procedurally generated adventure game. This means that each time you start playing, you get a whole new character, quest, and world full of gleefully fuckweird possibilities. For instance, that swan dance pig blood episode, which I of course intended as post-modern interpretation of Tchaikovsky's famed Swan Lake composition? It was the first thing I did in the whole game.


My quest was to retrieve some mythical locket or another, but I was far more interested in trying all my actions and items on everything I came in contact with. It's a lot like in old-school LucasArts-style adventure games, where you could use any item or action on any object or person around you, usually to hilarious effect. Thing is, Tim Schafer and co pre-wrote all their gags with laser-guided tickling fingers pointed right at funny bones. Infini-Quest's humor arises from the unexpected—from the fact that it's all random and many of its parts weren't really made to snap neatly into place.

Here's what I was working with during my first playthrough:


Before long, I'd offended an ancient demon into beating me half to death, learned the ability to judge by interacting with a priest (I see what you did there, video game), and judged a frustrated blacksmith until he finished me off.

And sometimes, things got weirdly... existential:


My second playthrough proceeded similarly, albeit I actually managed to find the thing I was questing for. Along the way I opted to do things like:


Then I won and subsequently lost my mind:


Admittedly, Infini-Quest's internal logic doesn't always make sense (why can't I open a haunted barn? why can't I pick up a weird old tin can? etc), presumably because procedurally created things are just wonky like that sometimes. Also, some of the adventures the game generates for you can be kinda samey.

Still, Infini-Quest is a wonderfully kooky (and sometimes, er, kinky depending on how you feel about pig blood) way to spend half an hour or so. Give it a shot for free here.

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