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Game Accidentally Releases On Steam Seven Months Early [UPDATE]

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Tower, an Early Access game that was originally scheduled to see full release in 2015, came out today on Steam, thanks to a mistake made by a member of the game's moderation team.

Like most games in Steam's Early Access program, this is an unfinished game that's on sale as the developers work and take feedback from early buyers. The developers of The Tower have called this Early Access version a "taster" of what will be out in 2015.


And now it's right on the top of Steam's New Releases, for $5.

In response to a user asking why The Tower is no longer in Early Access, developer Dante Knoxx blamed one of the game's new moderators, calling it an error.


"Oh, Christ! I recently gave Zakk access to our back-end as a Moderator, so I could concentrate on working flat-out and remove some of the community strain from my work load, and the fool has released us seven months early!!" he wrote, adding that he's asked Valve to help undo the release.

"This many people aren't supposed to see us until The Tower 2015 edition is ready to launch :( may actually have [irreversibly] damaged something because of this."

This version of the game, "The Tower: 2015 Edition," is actually a remake of an earlier version, "The Tower: 2012 Edition." And now I suppose it's The Tower: 2014 Edition.

UPDATE (3:19pm): Looks like they got things fixed. Writes Knoxx: "We're officially back on Early Access. Sorry about that folks! :D"


(h/t Wario64)

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