Ms. Galaga - Spotted this Galaga Ms. Pac-Man machine right outside the gate for my flight to London. The spirit of video gaming is calling me.

These Orangutans Play with iPads

Orangutans, it turns out, love the iPad and its games just as much as some humans do.
A budding program at the Milwaukee County Zoo is working to place iPads into the giant, gentle palms of their orangutans. More »


League of Legends Season Two Flaunts the Largest Prize Pool in eSports History

In case anyone was looking for motivation to get involved in League of Legends' second season of competition, Riot Games has just presented five million convincing arguments in the form of the largest prize pool in eGaming history. More »


Kotaku Presents Two New Tracks from Jonathan Coulton's Upcoming Album "Artificial Heart"

It's our singular honor to be the first to present two live cuts from the massively talented, massively bearded troubadour Jonathan Coulton's upcoming album "Artificial Heart". More »

DOTA 2 Experts Believe These are Leaked DOTA 2 Screenshots

In 48 hours, we'll know exactly what Valve's DOTA 2 looks like, thanks to the kick-off of a million-dollar tournament for the new game in Germany. But maybe we're looking at it right now.
A batch of purportedly leaked DOTA 2 screenshots are now circulating through the web, most of them via <a... More »



These Are the Best Pokémon Trainers in the World

Thousands of fans flocked to San Diego, California this weekend to determine which six trainers were destined to be the very best at the 2011 Pokémon World Championships. More »


Gears of War 3 Campaign is Trickier, Less Linear and Better-Written than its Predecessors

Being neither pirates nor attendees of the most recent Gears of War preview event, we haven't played the campaign for Gears of War 3.
Thank goodness Gears executive producer Rod Fergusson Tweets out links to interviews people do with him and impressions they publish about his stuff. More »


New Deus Ex Ad Features Mechanical Evolution, Gives Us Indie Heavyweights

The smartest and strongest may not always survive, but it never hurts to have some wall busting fists. Adam Jensen goes through his cybernetic transformation in the newest commercial for Deus Ex: More »


Seven Minutes in Hard Reset's Cyberpunk Shooter Heaven

Earlier this month I took a good hard look at Hard Reset, the upcoming single-player shooter coming out next month from Polish developer Flying Wild Hog, telling you all about my favorite parts of the game. More »


Toy Soldiers: Cold War is the Perfect Game for our Stupidest War. And I Can Prove it in this Video.

Great wars deserve great video games. Or something.
Maybe that's true. Maybe it isn't. But I do know that the Cold War—a war of cheesy movies, ridiculous potential world-ending brinksmanship and, oh yeah, the meddling in the affairs of most of the nations on this earth—deserves an... More »

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