Galactrix Launch Trailer Perhaps A Bit Too Epic

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix ships today for the Nintendo DS and PC, with the Xbox Live Arcade version dropping tomorrow, and D3 Publisher releases a trailer a bit too epic for a puzzle game.

It's not so much the visuals in the Galactrix launch trailer that get to me, as they seem to have taken their own concept art and just moved it about on the screen using....I dunno, Powerpoint? Primitive, but it works well enough for a game that straddles the line between casual and hardcore gaming so very well.


No, I think it's the music. The sweeping, space opera music, struggling to maintain its epic feel, while in the background the actually gameplay makes little bleeps and bloops. Of course it won't stop me from picking up a copy, but I can't help but giggle a little. Bloop.



WOW! I never seen such an epic trailer for a puzzle game (that youtube tetris trailer doesn't count)