When you have an issue on Steam, you typically send in a report, which Steam Support has to deal with. But one Steam user decided to take their problem to the man in charge of Steam itself, Gabe Newell. And amazingly, Gabe actually took time out of his day to fix the problem.

In an imgur post that's making the rounds lately, we can see the exchange between the Steam user called that_earlyguy and Newell. Apparently the Steam user originally sent their issue to Steam Support, but after a week of no response, he decided, hey, fuck it. Maybe I'll have a better shot with Gabe:

"I may have got a little passive aggressive, but I didn't want to end it without him knowing I was still a fan!," that_earlyguy wrote on imgur.

To that_earlyguy's surprise, Gabe responded—and offered help:


Thankful, that_earlyguy expressed his gratitude:

Two hours later, that_earlyguy's issue had been fixed:


As is custom with Gabe Newell responses, the guy wanted to post it on social media. The problem being, of course, that if he did that, then people would likely start flooding Gabe with too many small support issues. Gabe Newell probably doesn't have time for that, right? So, that_earlyguy asked for permission before posting the exchange anywhere, just to make sure...

Gabe, being the awesome guy that he is, said that posting it was OK: everyone at Valve is "support," and people can definitely send him their Steam support issues:



Well, there you have it. Next time you're having issues with Steam, the best person to talk to might just be Gabe Newell himself.