Gabe Newell Just Made My Little Pony Fans Extremely Happy

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Let's get this out of the way first thing in the morning, before the rest of the herd tramples down Kotaku's tips email. During an interview with Geek a Week's Len Peralta, Valve head honcho and 854th richest man on the planet Gabe Newell admits that he is, as suspected, a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


And then came the cheers. The manly, manly cheers.

At around 15:35 in the Newell episode of the always entertaining Geek a Week podcast, Len asks Gabe what he secretly geeks out about, to which Gabe simply replies "I watch My Little Pony." Now that could simply mean he's a casual watcher, maybe stopping on it while flipping through the channels, so Len follows up with, "So you're a Brony?"

The incredibly excited folks over at Equestria Daily captured his answer for the historical archives.

Now I'm not implying that this could be the real reason we've not seen Half-Life Episode 3 yet, but season two of the show has been really good. I'm just putting that out there. Maybe he's retooling it into Hoof-Life Episode 3!

Also, does this make him the richest Brony in the world?

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Seriously guys. There is no reason why adults should have such a fan hard-on for a kids show. Enjoy, sometimes, maybe, but there is nothing pink ponies based on toys can do for you that a million other shows that you've already watched (when YOU were kid) haven't already done for you.

Someone, please, explain the fandom.