G4 Says "No" To Xbox 360 Relaunch Rumor

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While we're waiting to hear back from Microsoft on the VGChartz forum-sourced Xbox 360 "relaunch" rumor and speculation, one allegedly involved party has given us denial. G4 reps told us that the 5-hour special’ rumored to air on the cable network is "fake." "We currently do not have anything planned in conjunction with Microsoft for September 25," the rep added. "I can’t speak for Microsoft but can say we do not have anything planned." Nothing planned, they say. Perhaps G4 is blissfully unaware of Microsoft's plans to hijack its broadcast, as Weird Al Yankovic was notorious for doing to MTV in the mid 1980s. Damn you, Weird Al! If you do this one more time even with the aid of Microsoft, there will be hell to pay, free games or not!



This is G4. They don't even know if there will be a next episode of X-Play.