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For Transformers fans craving more of the original robots in disguise, Glu Mobile sends us a single screenshot of Transformers G1: Awakening to light our darkest hour.


All the information we have on Transformers G1: Awakening comes from this screenshot, so we know that Optimus Prime and Soundwave will be involved, and someone is getting hit for five points of damage.


Seriously, I don't care if the game turns out to be Optimus Prime versus Soundwave Dance Party, as long as it doesn't feature the Michael Bay-bots and looks vaguely like it does in the screenshot, they have my unspecified amount of dollars.


Transformers G1: Awakening is "coming soon" to an iPhone near you.

Update: Apprently this is an iPhone port of the game released on mobile phones last year. Still, G1 Transformers are always welcome. Check out the trailer for the mobile version here.

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