G.I. Joe Goes Top Down For DS

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The DS version of upcoming movie-game G.I. Joe will be a top-down shooter with a slight role-playing game element to it, the developers say.


"The game will share some fundamental designs with the console version," said Nick Pavlich, associate producer on the game. "In the DS version you only control one character, there's a slight RPG element — you can level up, get new weapons and new outfits."

The game will include six playable G.I. Joe characters and five Cobra characters. Gamers will move with the D-pad and shoot with the B button.

A secondary weapon will be tied to the Y button, with dodge on the A button, melee on the X and a special move on the right trigger and reload on the left trigger.

All of the action takes place on the top screen with the bottom screen used for the map and to list objectives. The game won't include touch support because that didn't really work well with the-down arcade feel of the game, they said.

There will be 21 levels in the single-player campaign and three modes in multiplayer: Joe Versus Cobra, Warhead and Defend the Base. Mutitplayer will be multi-card local wireless only and includes four maps for up to four players.


I shouldn't be looking forward to this game at all, but for some retarded reason I am.

Why? Because they said "RPG elements"? Yeah, that's probably it.