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Conflicting schedules indicate that Popular Science and The Science Channel will reveal the future of gaming tonight or a week from now. The future of human bodies takes the other slot.

Here's the description of the Future of Play, possibly premiering tonight:

Mixed reality lets you reach into the computer game and control it with your hands. Smart footballs teach us all how to play sports like the pros. Pervasive games take over entire cities. And discover siftables: kids' alphabet blocks on steroids.


In a press release from the Science Channel, that episode is said to also include "the virtusphere... a large spherical device being developed by researchers in Binghamton, N.Y. A new form of virtual reality, users step into the virtusphere and actually feel like they are in a video game shooting monsters or chasing down an enemy."

But if that episode isn't really on tonight and one set of listings I've read is wrong, then it's on August 17. Leaving the following episode for tonight:

Prosthetic limbs better than biological ones. A powder regrows missing body parts. Bigger, stronger muscles without the side-effects of steroids. A bionic eye that turns your world into a computer screen. This is the future of SUPERHUMANS.

For the Future of Play, these high-tech blocks will be featured. Portable gaming system of the future?

Definitely check your local listings to see when the Play episode airs. More info at the official Popular Science Future Of site.

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