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Furries and Lolitas Pave the Way for the Modern Journalist

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There's a lot we can learn from furries. While animal costumes might not be your thing, Lauren Rae Orsini says that they have inspired her as a journalist.

Lauren Rae Orsini, better known as The Otaku Journalist, is featured as a guest writer on the PINK SLIPPED Forbes Blog. In her post, "How to Be a Journalist in 2011," Orsini takes us through her experience working a Maid Cafe at Katsucon, a Washington D.C. convention that caters to fans of Japanese animation and culture. While wearing her maid outfit, Orsini interviewed her fellow workers in order to get a better understanding of what makes them tick. It is these people (as well as furries and lolitas) that Orsini says have defined her career and inspire her as a journalist.

Orsini's guest appearance is the result of Forbes Blogger Susannah Breslin's contest that pit young female journalists against each other in search of the best of the best. It should be no surprise that Orsini, a former Kotaku intern, beat over 50 other writers for the guest spot (and $100 prize).


Whether you're an otaku, a journalist—or just generally literate—you should give it a read.


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