Fund Roaring Skies To Bring Multiplayer Dogfighting to the iOS

Roaring Skies is an iOS top down multiplayer airplane shooter. The Flight Control-like shooter includes a variety of game modes ranging from two-versus-two, four-versus-four and even an attempt at something almost resembling a Defense of the Ancients mode.

Goal: $8,000
Notable Reward: $499 - No shit, they will fly you over the Golden Gate Bridge for an aerial tour.
Chances: Good, with a smaller then average goal combined with the quality the game seems to have there is no reason it shouldn't make its goal.
Finishes: November 1st


Roaring Skies: A Hardcore-Indie Game [Kickstarter]

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MAKE2 Mifune

I wish the actual game looked as good as the logo. That's a damn fine logo.