The long list of enemies of the Nazi party will get a little longer if this Goats vs Nazis game gets off the ground. Nevermind logic or reason the goats are bringing guns, hooves and horns to the Nazi army.

Goal: $14,000
Notable Reward: $75 - A custom download of the game, with a prefix of your choice. Ex: Goats vs Nazi: Apple Pie edition
Chances: Good. It has a high goal, but come on, It's Goats Vs. Nazis
Finishes: November 27th


Goats vs. Nazis [Kickstarter]

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If that gets funded I'll lose a mass amount of respect for Kickstarter. The Kickstarter folks have to approve these things so I'm stunned they approved this one. I'm guessing it's mainly because of the large price tag, don't forget Kickstarter get's 3% of pledged amount. So they're more than happy to give the possibility of a decent payout even if the game is crap.

As for Kotaku, I'm very confused as to why they would promote this. Atleast this other Kickstarter project is uniquem innovative and somewhat inspirational, []

But hey I guess that's not what Kotaku is about lately, just trying to get those views.