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Fund Girl With a Heart of To Help Reinvigorate Text Adventures

Girl with a heart of reminds me of all those games that you found loaded on the computer in your school. This multiplayer form game may not be your first choice, but something about it keeps drawing you back after you've played it once.

Goal: $2,000
Notable Reward: $10 - Free copy of the game AND a secret key to access a "fun crazy room". I hope it's not filled with cows.
Chances: Good, with such a low goal amount I can see the secret key being enough to get this game to the finish line.
Finishes: October 16th


Girl With a Heart of [Kickstarter]

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Why does all the world art look like it has been inverted (i.e. shadows are white, highlights are dark)? I wonder if this was the art direction for the game from the start, or if he later decided to change it around. It looks odd.

Also, when the headline said "text adventure" I was expecting a text adventure where you would have to type phrases to make things happen, not a point and click adventure game with walls of text. :D