Fund Dragon Island RPG it Lets You Collect an Army of Monsters

The concept is simple: Collect monsters, amass army and plow your way through dungeons. It feels in the video like it's almost a cross between Pokemon and Shining Force. If you don't like the sound of that cross over you aren't a human.

Goal: $15,000
Notable Reward: $85 - An official t-shirt AND have a floor named after you in the Infinite Dungeon!
Chances:Rough, the game looks strong, but it'll take a lot of backs very quickly to make this happen.
Finishes: December 10th


Dragon Island RPG [Kickstarter]

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Looks kind of neat, a shame it is only an iGame.

Lots of nifty projects at Kickstarter usually. Heck there is even a MMO there right now - []