Funding video games is great and all, but lets not forget table top gaming, especially when it involves dice you can eat. Actually all this is, is funding the creation of dice you can eat, but that's enough for me.

This Kickstarter will help back the production of chocolate and sugar 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and a 20 sided dice. Go help a person who quit their job to realize their dream, a dream of making mixing sugar, chocolate and everything nice to make you edible dice!

Goal: $950
Notable Reward: $150 - This reward will be for a regular set of chocolate dice and also a set of OVERSIZED chocolate dice!
Chances: Pretty good, he's already more than halfway there. Also, it's dice... made of chocolate... that you can eat.
Finishes: Dec. 29.

Gaming Dice in Chocolate and Sugar [Kickstarter]

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