Funcom is letting fans in on the Rise of the Godslayer action, showing off never-before-seen content in a live gameplay demo of the Age of Conan expansion on Monday, December 7th.

The Rise of the Godslayer expansion introduces players to the lands of Khitai, with several new world regions filled with new dungeons, quests and rewards. There's a new player race, alternate advancement, and all kinds of goodies to make your stay in Hyboria more enjoyable. The expansion is due out next year, but fans can get an early peek on Monday when Funcom presents a live gameplay demonstration on


"We have been working on the expansion for ‘Age of Conan' for quite some time now, and everyone on the team is eager to lift the veil and include the public in what we are trying to bring to life," says Game Director and Executive Producer Craig Morrison who will be hosting the live gameplay demonstration together with expansion Lead Designer Joel Bylos. "Development is coming together nicely, and we are really excited to see the empire of Khitai coming to life! Doing a live demo on Xfire is a brilliant way for us to reach out to a broad audience and show just what they can expect from ‘Rise of the Godslayer' as we continue to move closer and closer to launch."

The demo kicks off at 12PM Pacific time, so make sure you pack a lunch.

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