To: Bash
From: Crecente
Re: Photoshop Alternative?

Are you familiar with Richard Feynman, Safecracker, bongo-player, and, oh yes, physicist? While his eccentric personal life (he used a topless bar as an office while at Caltech and included among his hobbies safecracking, juggling, bongo painting and painting.) helped propel his name to fame, it was his singular talent as a physicist that really made him famous.

He was such a talented lecturer on the subject that his lectures were published in a two volume book. (Trish bought them for me a few years back, great read.)

Among his fans is one Bill Gates who was so enamored with the professor and his lectures that he spent a chunk of his own money to locate and buy up the rights to them. He then put them online for free.

You can see them here. It's worth the time.

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