Full Motley Crue Album Hits Rock Band On October 14

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And not just any Motley Crue album. It's Dr. Feelgood. The announcement comes not from Harmonix, and not from MTV, but from the Crue themselves (or, at least their publicists), with a small note on the band's imeem portal letting us know that the album many will say is their crowning achievement will be available for the game starting October 14. For reference, this is the album with Kickstart My Heart on it. Not interested? You should be looking yourself in the mirror and wondering why you spent all that money on a game called Rock Band. Win the entire catalogue and a signed copy of "The Dirt" [Imeem]


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As long as it has Shout at the Devil, Too Young to Fall in Love, Looks that Kill, and Helter Skelter, then it'll be all good...

Oh, my bad, Dr. Feelgood doesn't have those songs...after bringing up Helter Skelter I can see why they can't get Shout at the Devil album either.