Fuel Your Preconceptions With This Deus Ex 3 Concept Art

Thanks to the Viking warriors at Gamereactor, we have our first good look at how Deus Ex 3 is shaping up. Not the game itself, mind you, it's far too early for that kind of business, but this concept art should at least give you an idea of the tone Eidos Montreal are shooting for. First thing we noticed? There's sunshine! Second thing? Somebody's been watching a lot of Blade Runner.


A sniff of plot details accompanied the art. Seems you'll take the role of a Mr. Adam Jensen, who works for Sarif, a biotech company. Jensen goes to work one day, Sarif gets stormed by bad men, everyone is killed except...yes, Adam Jensen. The rest of the game sees you on a quest to find out what happened/avenge the deaths of your white-coated colleagues. Hit the link below to see the full gallery. First details from Deus Ex 3 [Gamereactor]

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