Fuel, says Codemaster's exec producer David Brickley, is soooooo big that it makes Paradise City - off of Criterion's Burnout - look like a postage stamp by comparison. The game - as Codemasters has been telling us for a while now - has a open play area equivalent to 5,000 square miles. It's not a great comparison - even by Brickley's calculations (he used Powerpoint, bless) Paradise City would need to be a postage stamp about 2.5 miles across - but I think we get his point. So flippin' huge is the game that if made using 'traditional methods' (we think he is referring to data compression rather than hand tools and leather aprons) the game would fill a whopping 4 Blu-ray discs as opposed to the still fairly ginormous 1 Blu-ray disc it actually takes up. Fuel's open world would fill '4 Blu-rays' [Videogamer]