Fuck The Snipers In Outriders

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Having a good time in Outriders? Well sorry, here come the snipers to ruin your fun.


Has this happened to you: You are playing Outriders. Running around, shooting bad guys, and firing off cool powers. When suddenly a sniper pops up from across the map and a second later shoots you, possibly killing you or knocking you out of cover. AND then it happens again. And again. AND AGAIN. The moment I see their red lasers I know I’m in for some pain.

Snipers fucking suck. I hate them so much. Snipers are the most annoying part of Outriders. Should I list the reasons why, well I don’t see why not:

1. They are way too accurate.

You might think, oh, I can get to that next wall safely. I just need to dodge around and avoid the sniper’s shot. Good luck. These bastards are incredibly accurate. If that red laser is on you and you don’t have a wall nearby, prepare to get shot.


2. Some of them possess impossibly fast reflexes.

You might try to peek out quickly and take a shot at one when they pop their heads up? Once again, good luck. These assholes have the reflexes of The Flash. Eventually, you’ll also encounter more powerful boss snipers. These motherfuckers can and will shoot you the literal moment you appear in their line of sight. EVEN if you are shooting them first. Doesn’t matter. They’ll get you.

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Screenshot: People Can Fly / Kotaku

3. Even up close they are crack shots and will pop you.

Maybe you think the best way to deal with these annoying asshats is to work your way up to them and get in close. Well, they will still shoot you. They use their sniper rifles no matter how close you get. And the super badass snipers in the game will kill you quickly on higher world tiers if you charge them but don’t kill them right away.


4. You often have to fight many of them at once.

One sniper is bad. But Outriders will often throw more than one at you in a fight. In some later fights, the game starts tossing snipers at you like a mascot throwing out candy on a parade float. You kill one. You kill another one. You think you’re safe. You are not safe. A red laser appears. BAM!


5. They knock you back and take a huge chunk of your health.

When snipers shoot you in Outriders, you don’t just lose some health. You also get shoved backward, out of cover, and are unable to move for a brief moment. This might not sound too bad. But if you’ve played enough of this game, you know how vital it is to never stop moving in some fights. And a sniper will fuck that right up.

Screenshot: People Can Fly / Kotaku

6. Some of them can toss flares that trigger a huge bombardment of mortars.

Just... why? These fuckos are already the worst thing in the world. Why give some of them a super powerful ability like that? Oh, and they will use it. Hide in cover too much and you’ll quickly learn two things: They have a lot of flares. And they have bigger splash damage zones than you might imagine.


I’m currently on world tier 13. Things can get tough. But most of the time I’m able to hold my own. But when snipers show up, all bets are off. These shitheads have killed me more than anything else in this game, including some huge boss creatures and powerful wizard-like enemies.


As a pyromancer often my best chance at taking them out is to use my thermal bomb to get them to pop up and safely shoot them with a rifle. But that’s easier said than done, especially when I’m surrounded by a whole bunch of other baddies looking to blow my brains out.

I’ll give the snipers credit: I’m rarely bored during combat in Outriders. I do get very angry and annoyed. But not bored. So that’s... something?

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Gene Jacket

The snipers can go fuck themselves...and what the fuck is up with everyone and everything just littering the battlefields with grenades. Not only do the enemies have an endless supply and throw them constantly, but 3/4 of them drop one when they die...and they have MASSIVE blast radius’. Actually, the radius of most enemy AOE attacks are way, way too goddamn large.

I’ll say it again, every single encounter in this game is 2-3 waves too long and was built, tuned, and balanced for a full party of 3 players, and PCF never bothered to scale it for solo play.