Fruit Frenzy Is Charming Juicing Fun For The iPhone

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Are you thirsty for more match three puzzle gaming? Then perhaps you should drop 99 cents on Fruit Frenzy, a delightful little iOS game that delivers colorful puzzle gaming in high concentration.


Fruit Frenzy is the work of White Bat Games, the product of Neil Millstone's brain. He's a developer brave enough to promise that a bear in a dress will appear alongside main character Freddy the Fennec Fox amidst the fruit-matching, combo-building action.

Catchy, upbeat music and adorable woodland creatures might trick you into thinking things don't get too hairy in Fruit Frenzy, but on "insane" mode, your head will be swimming from the falling fruit.

I'm quite sure that in my hands-on time with Fruit Frenzy in the video above, I describe the iPhone and iPad game as "straightforward," which is not such a bad thing. But did I also mention that it gives me a little Tetris Attack (nee Panel de Pon) vibe? You can't queue up moves to build on combos in Fruit Frenzy as you would in Tetris Attack, but crafting combos here is similarly fun.

Grab Fruit Frenzy from iTunes for less than a buck if you like what you see.

Fruit Frenzy [iTunes]



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