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Frozen's 'Let It Go,' Done Grand Theft Auto Style

Things would have happened a little differently had Frozen taken place in Liberty City. Things might've been a bit more...violent.

Okay, yes, Anna doesn't actually sing the song in the movie, even though this video by boblester122 still pairs her with the tune. But hey, if you wanna play as Elsa the Snow Queen instead, that's definitely an option in this GTA IV mod:

The mods aren't don't let you build a kingdom of snow out in the wilderness, but hey, belting Let It Go while reigning terror on the city still looks pretty cathartic.


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And why are people jerking off to this movie? I haven't watched it, probably never will, but it's everywhere. I see it constantly. Why is it so popular? Is it some new groundbreaking movie in animation? Because to me, it looks like every other Disney/Pixar movie since Toy Story and it probably plays out the same as well. So someone who has seen it, why is it so popular?