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Frozen Should Have Ended Like This

Sure, Frozen is a lovely tale about sisterhood and love...but it really didn't have to go down like it did in the movie.


Elsa didn't need to be secluded from everyone, she didn't need to hide her powers! Had the movie actually embraced Elsa's powers the entire way through, then the movie might've looked a bit like this bit by How It Should Have Ended.

Frozen probably wouldn't have been as poignant with this new premise, though—that's the trade-off.


How Frozen Should Have Ended[How It Should Have Ended]

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THANK YOU. Damn. I was starting to think I was the only one who realized that all the drama in the movie is a result of this family being ridiculously bad at communicating, thereby blowing manageable problems way out of proportion. So there was no Professor X, but it was pretty obvious the trolls were wise and good with magic... couldn't they have just left her with them until she was of age? She'd have a loving second family made up of whimsical troll mentors AND bitchin' ice powers. Done deal.