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Frostbite's April Fools' Joke Is Kinda Mean [UPDATE: EA Apologizes]

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

UPDATE (5:41pm): EA COO Peter Moore has apologized for Frostbite's comments, calling them "unacceptable/stupid" on Twitter this afternoon.

Original article follows:

There are a lot of awful pranks and unfunny jokes out there today, but this one might be the weirdest: the official Twitter account for Frostbite—EA's proprietary video game engine—is acting like a big ol' bully.


See, EA is on the long list of publishers that no longer makes games for Nintendo's Wii U, as their powerful Frostbite 3 engine just won't support it. So the folks behind Frostbite are making jokes... about running it on Wii U.

UPDATE (12:25pm): Whoever runs the Frostbite account has deleted the tweets, but we've still got'em here:


Man, what a bummer. These aren't even funny—just kinda cruel. They're picking on the weakest kid in class. Maybe Nintendo should tweet something like "Hey guys, Battlefield 4 is working today. APRIL FOOLS."