Front Mission Evolves Into Action Game This Fall

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The giant mech strategy series turns shooter this September, when Square Enix brings Front Mission Evolved to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC (in stereoscopic 3D!!!), hoping to lure in a new legion of fans of piloting massive Wanzers.


Square Enix has dated Double Helix Games' Front Mission spin-off for September 14, bringing futuristic Wanzer combat to players offline and online. Four multiplayer modes will spice up the mech on mech campaign, portions of which we've already played at last year's Tokyo Game Show. Square and Double Helix sound excited... are you?


Perhaps this new trailer will convince you.

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Slagathorian: Save the trees and kill the children.

Front Mission 4 for the PS2 was a great game, but it had the worlds dumbest difficulty curve.

I think I made it through the first 20 hours no problem whatsoever, then got to a mission I had to try over 10 times and never even came close to beating it.