From PC Gaming To Zelda, Readers Submit Their Last-Gen Heroes

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We've been having fun with the first week of our month-long Last-Gen Heroes series, in which Kotaku's staff has been looking back at the heroes and zeroes of the past console generation. Over at TAY, readers have been having a grand old time themselves. Here's some of what they've been talking about.


Good stuff so far, everyone. Quick note to TAYers for future posts: We've actually simplified the tags for this series, so just add both "Last-Gen Heroes" and "Last-Gen Zeroes" to each one, making the first tag match with whether the post is a zero or hero.

We'll have plenty more Last-Gen Heroes and Zeroes over the next few weeks. Thanks everyone for reading and contributing so far!

Last-Gen Heroes is Kotaku's look back at the seventh generation of console gaming. In the weeks leading up to the launch of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, we'll be celebrating the Heroes—and the Zeroes—of the last eight years of console video gaming. More details can be found here; follow along with the series here.

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