We're about halfway through the year's Tokyo Game Show and boy was the Thursday to Friday overnight packed with news. We ran a collection of interviews and impressions from the show that you'll want to check out if you haven't had the time yet to go back through the page. And keep in mind the show's public offerings kick off with two more days today and BlizzCon is just getting started. Here's a run down of what you missed from Japan: Halo 3: Recon Halo 3 Expansion Is A Prequel, Hits Fall 2009 Halo 3: Recon, The Trailer Halo 3: Recon: Box Art What Is Halo 3: Recon? Here's What It's *Not*Peter Molyneux A Fable II Primer for Dog Training Fable II Coop Patch Getting Once Over By Msoft, Molyneux "Super, Super Hopeful" Molyneux More About Emotions, Less About Trees Molyneux Walks Us Through Fable II's Deep, Casual Combat Yes You Can Ditch Your Dog in Fable II, But Only if You're Cruel Molyneux Frets Over Dangers of Casual Gaming News and Notes Konami Whips Up Castlevania For Xbox 360, PS3 Goichi Suda Has Not Given Up On You Nintendo Wii An Intimate Evening With The PS3 Chatpad, Headset Bionic Commando Movie Is A Definite Possibility How Erotic Games Influenced Platinum Games