From Boring Laptop To Awesome Arcade Cabinet

Lenovo - yes, boring old Lenovo - has one of the more interesting gaming-related products on show at this week's CES: a box that transforms a laptop computer into a pint-sized arcade cabinet.


All you do is pop the stick open and there's room to slide in a laptop. Close it back up and you have the world's cutest - albeit least practical - fighting game arcade unit.

Sadly, it's not an actual product, just a gimmick thrown together for the show (it was built by Dean Liou from, based on a design by the guys at EMDKAY). What's the deal, Lenovo? We wouldn't call you boring old Lenovo if you sold something like this, something that would make my kitchen counter the greatest kitchen counter in the world.

Lenovo Outs Laptop Arcade Casemod at CES [technabob]


Great effort, but only one stick? Arcades games should be at least 2 player, right? Regardless, very cool. =)