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From Blank Wall to Guts Tank Epic in Seven-and-a-Half Minutes

A building in Dallas, Texas gets a Mega Man-flavored makeover courtesy of graffiti artist Kid NES and the fine folks at Oink, the official distributor of Sabotaz brand paint products.


With a little help from timelapse and the music of the Minibosses, the Guts Tank from Mega Man 2 comes to life before our very eyes, as a pair of precision wall painters fill in every last bit of color, pixel-by-pixel.

As an advertisement for Sabotaz it works quite well, seeing as I had no idea they made spray paint marketed specifically to graffiti artists before watching.


And as a tribute to the blue bomber and friends? It's absolutely priceless.

Fan-Art: Building in Dallas, Texas gets a huge Mega Man tribute [Go Nintendo via Capcom]

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Oh snap, time for me to build a 25x60 wall.