From Badger Simulator to Lynx Simulator

Shelter has kittens now. Lynx kittens. Oh boy.


Following the first game's August release, Might and Delight has officially announced Shelter 2. In Shelter 2, you control a lynx mom (instead of a badger mom) as you hunt for food, protect your litter, and frolic through snowy fields:

Might and Delight, spurred by criticism aimed at Shelter's gameplay, decided to focus a bit more on the mechanics behind the story this time around, promising improvements to hunting, controls, area sizes and game length and replayability. Judging by the screenshots, they've also stepped up their visuals game quite a bit.


Damn, that's gorgeous.

Shelter 2, adorable lynx kittens and all, will be coming to PC in August.

Shelter 2 [Might and Delight]

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