Throughout the year we (I) have have been telling you about Frobot, a downloadable game for the Wii that mixes a little Robotron with a lot of nostalgia for brain-vexing Zelda dungeons. The game finally has a release date.

Frobot will be out on December 20 for download to the Wii on the WiiWare service for $10, according to a press release from the company's development studio Fugazo. The game will be out in 2011 in Europe.

The game has a single-player quest mode that features an afro-wearing robot working its way through puzzle rooms that might as well have been ripped out of some unmade Zelda. It has a four-player local co-op mode that offers more of an arcade-shooting Robotron-style experience. Check out the trailer for a tease.

Or check out our earlier coverage for footage of the game played live just for you.