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Frets On Fire For The Blind

Although you might expect music based games like Guitar Hero to appeal to visually impaired gamers, they do tend to rely on on-screen cues which makes following a tune difficult/impossible. Open-source Guitar Hero clone Frets On Fire lends itself to experimentation, so Eelke Folmer - a usability Professor at Nevada Reno University - has mashed it up with a wireless controller and a 'haptic feedback' glove to create the first Guitar Hero clone designed to be played by touch and sound alone. Sure, it's a niche idea now, but I wouldn't bet against Mad Catz giving it a whirl if they see a buck or two to be made. Blind Hero, Guitar Hero for the blind [Eelke Folmer]


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All i could think of, while reading this, was Garrett Morris on SNL doing his "For The Hearing Impaired" sketch. And i giggled. If only i could find a vid clip to embed here... you all could learn the wonders of Morris ;)