Fans of the weekly downloadable Xbox Live Arcade offering will have more than just guitar controller based platforming to enjoy starting Wednesday, as puzzle platforming and online multiplayer strategy gaming combine for 2800 Microsoft Points-worth of new games.

Sure, Fret Nice isn't so new, as PlayStation 3 owners will have been enjoying Tecmo and Pieces Interactive's Fret Nice for the better part of three weeks when the game hits XBLA. For 1200 Microsoft Points, you'll have to decide whether the unique art style and guitar controller support mechanic is worth it.


Joining Fret Nice in its downloadableness are two additional options, the hex-based resource gathering strategy game Greed Corp from W! Games. It's only 800 points and is said to be digestible in 20-minute gameplay sessions and feature a snazzy terrain-based gameplay tactic.

Final, there's Lazy Raiders. For 800 Microsoft Points, players can enjoy platforming and treasure hunting in either portly archaeologist form or that of your Xbox Live Avatar. The other trick? You'll control the world and rely on its gravity rather than more traditional jumping and running.

Who's gettin' what?

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