French Companies Want To Build An Arcology (Yes, Like SimCity)

As we’ve talked about before, arcologies aren’t just wacky buildings from the future of a video game. They’re an actual architectural concept, one that a couple of French companies are interested in reviving.

As our buds at io9 and Fast Co. report, Nicholas Laisné Associés and OXO Architects have drawn up plans for La Ville Tour Des Sables (The Sand Tower Town), a monolithic structure for the Sahara Desert that would stand over 1400 feet tall and act as a self-contained city, including everything from office space to living quarters to indoor farms.


It’s a bold and exciting plan! Pity that’s all it is, then: a plan. Nobody is ever going to actually pay for this, a fate that befalls the plans for most arcologies, even those that end up being commissioned (like Russia’s Crystal Island). They always look good on paper, until the paper in front of you is the bill for cramming an entire city into a single building.

For now, then, we’re back to saving our Simoleons for a Launch Arco...


More pics here.

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