Free-To-Play Free Runner FreeJack Enters Open Beta

FreeJack is a parkour MMO that looks like Jet Grind Radio, only without the skates, and starting tomorrow you can test it out.


Free run through the streets of New Jack City against thousands of other players in FreeJack, a free-to-play parkour racing MMO from GamerKraft and Games Bridge Entertainment. It's not the sort of game that normally catches my eye, but with the slick gameplay and cell-shaded graphics, it reminds me of Jet Grind Radio, and the world needs more Jet Grind Radio.

When they aren't busy bouncing off the walls, players can customize their racers with a wide variety of outfits and gear, or deck out their hangout spot and have friends over for a visit.


"The response to FreeJack thus far has been tremendously positive," said Matthew Denomme, marketing manager at Game Bridger Entertainment, "that's why we're extremely excited to finally release FreeJack to a wider audience of players with this open beta."

FreeJack's open beta kicks off tomorrow, and player stats will be carrying over after launch, so interested parties can get a leg up by signing up for the open beta at the game's official website.

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I dunno. I do find Le Parkour awesome to watch live, but a game that is ONLY about Parkour is not that amusing to me.

I mean, I did like Mirror's Edge, but even though the storyline was pretty thin, it gave me a purpose to play to the end.