While the news Team Fortress 2 has gone free-to-play is good for most, for some long-time fans of the game, it's been seen as an assault on decency and common sense. Which they've reacted to by putting up a wall.

A script has been created by Asher Baker at Limetech, which enables servers to filter out anyone trying to join a game not using a premium account (as in, somebody who either bought a copy or has paid for downloadable content with a free copy).

He writes on the plugin's description:

Are you fed up with your server full of people that don't know one end of the direct miss from the other?
People that feel the need to just keep coming back after you permaban them?
Or just people that haven't contributed some of their hard earned cash to your favourite war-themed hat simulator?
Then you know what you need? This plugin.


[Botchweed, via PC Gamer]