Free Street Fighter Album Is Probably Worth Getting

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To help promote the release today of SSFIIHDR, Capcom have put out an...album.The Street Fighter Underground Remix. It's for the PSN, it's actually pretty good, and it's free. Yeah, free. Kind of strange move since, as stated, it's pretty good, but time wasted spent looking a gift horse in the mouth is time lost listening to it. It's a hip-hop album, so if that's not your thing, sorry. If it is, I'll say it a third time. It's pretty good! The Hieroglyphics crew are there, Redman is there, Zion I is there, DJ Qbert is there. All rapping (or sampling, or scratching) about Street Fighter. Definitely worth picking up. If you want to try before you don't buy, the album has a MySpace page with some preview clips up. [Image]


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Poisonous Taoist

Imagine my surprise earlier today when I find a free Redman track up for download. Alongside Hieroglyphics, no less!

Happy day. It's uncut, too.