Free Realms continues to be an unrelenting engine of family-friendly fun and frivolity, reaching the 10 million player mark just short of its first birthday, with Sony Online Entertainment doubling Station Cash purchases this weekend in celebration.

We've established by now that people love mini-games and free things, and that's pretty much the formula to Free Realms' success - it's a free massively-multiplayer online game packed with mini-games.

It's also packed with stuff to buy with Station Cash, which is a Sony Online Entertainment form of currency people buy with real cash. To celebrate the big 10 million, SOE will be doubling any Station Cash card values redeemed between 4PM today Pacific and 11PM Sunday.

I guess it's finally time to redeem that $25 Station Cash card I've been sitting on since E3 last year.


"Reaching 10 million registered players on the eve of Free Realms' first birthday is an incredibly exciting event for SOE and our passionate online community," said John Smedley, president of SOE. "Millions of gamers have confirmed that the genre we pioneered over 11 years ago with the original EverQuest continues to evolve and expand to include new styles of gameplay that reach a wider audience than ever before."

The genre SOE pioneered? I suppose we won't go all Ultima Online, Neverwinter Nights, Meridian 59 on the guy on his special day.


To play Free Realms, like 10 million other people, visit