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Many MMO games host special Halloween events, but only Sony Online Entertainment's Free Realms has the guts to use the words Super Spooktacular, which is at least 10 times as awesome as a normal Spooktacular.

Free Realms' Super Spooktacular runs from October 14th through November 11th, at which point everyone will give up and start playing Modern Warfare 2. The spooktacular features decorations, daily trick or treating, special seasonal mini-games, new quests, and more than 35 new costumes for players and pets to dress up in. You gotta love a game that comes with animal costumes. Take that, World of Warcraft!


"We are celebrating the first Halloween in Free Realms, with weeks of spooky activities and festive live events," said Andy Sites, senior producer at Sony Online Entertainment. "After a night of trick-or-treating the fun doesn't have to end. Dressed as a chicken, mummy, witch or any of the other crazy costumes available, kids can explore virtual neighborhoods with millions of friends from the safety of their own home."

Those of you who've been following the site for a few years may remember my irrational love affair with the word spooktacular. This is why Free Realms' celebration gets mentioned. For celebration plans for the rest of SOE's MMO lineup, feel free to hunt for each individual website. Don't search for 'spooktacular.'

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