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Sony Online Entertainment's free-to-play, family-friendly massively multiplayer online game Free Realms enters closed beta testing today, with early registrations for April's open beta now being accepted.


Sony Online Entertainment welcomes the closed beta players into Free Realms today, where they'll be able to explore the whimsical virtual world, raise pets, socialize, fight monsters, race cars, and pretty much do anything their little hearts desire while everyone else waits patiently for the launch of the open beta in early April. SOE president John Smedley explains the importance of the closed beta testing phase, while simultaneously name dropping Everquest.

"The beta testing phase is integral to the success of any video game, and we are asking that kids, parents, video game fans of all ages sign up to help us during these final weeks before Free Realms launches," said John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment. "Ten years ago, SOE introduced EverQuest, the genre-defining online video game, and this spring, we will introduce Free Realms, a game I believe will expand and enrich the kids' online gaming genre which really shows the rapid evolution of the online game space."


Of course the Everquest reference is completely out of place and unneccesary, but I think that's just something Smedley throws into any conversation he might be having. He's just that proud.

Players interested in signing up for the open beta may do so at

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