South Park: The Stick of Truth is a Game of the Year Contender for many, and it's down to just $20 today. [Stick of Truth]

PlayStation 4 Console ($360) | Rakuten | Promo code RRRTreasure

Xbox One + LIVE + Destiny ($430) | eBay

DualShock 4 Controllers can be had for $40 right now. [DualShock 4]

Yep, it's free. 1pm ET.

This is still available somehow, get it while you can. [Persona Q]

Watching Guardians Of The Galaxy is like getting back part of your soul, so you'll probably want to watch it again.

It's Hitchcock day on Amazon. You might get... wait for it... vertigo from these low prices.

Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection (Limited Edition) ($99) | Amazon

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: S1-5 [DVD] ($) | Amazon

If you liked the movie, you'll love the book. 20% off today. [ Gone Girl [Kindle], $8]

If you're still jolting yourself awake with the harsh tones of an alarm clock, it's time to evolve. These Philips Wake-Up Lights can transform your sleeping habits, and improve your life immeasurably. Sound good? All three different models are on sale, today only.


The base model checks in at $49 as an Amazon Gold Box deal, one of the lowest prices we've ever seen. It wakes you up via a gradually-brightening light that simulates a natural sunrise, and falls back on a gentle beep if you still don't stir. Stepping up the line, there's a mid-range modelthat adds natural wake-up sounds, dusk simulation, and touch-sensitive buttons for $90(normally ~$130). If you're all in, you can also get the top of the line model for $110 today, which adds colors to the mix for a more natural sunrise simulation. It normally sells for $140.

All three should dramatically improve your morning routine, and all of them have fantastic reviews. As always with Gold Box deals, these prices are only valid today, but Amazon often sells out early. [Philips Wake-Up Light Gold Box]

New GoPros a little rich for your blood? The GoPro Hero3+ Black is still a fantastic camera by any measure, and you can get a refurb today for $290, or $110 off retail. This is one of the best deals we've ever seen on this model. [Refurb GoPro Hero3+ Black, $290]

Don't want a refurb? Amazon also has it for $50 off retail brand new.

These aren't the Audio Technicas most of you are familiar with. In fact, they're earbuds. Still though, they have great reviews on Amazon, and are only $35 today through BuyDig. [Audio-Technica ATH-CKM55BK Solid Bass Noise Isolation In-Ear Headphones, $35]

Here's a cool little bundle if you're in the market for a TV. [ Changhong 40-Inch 1080p LED HDTV + Google Chromecast + 2 x Coboc 6-foot HDMI Cable, $270]

There's no shortage of good Bluetooth speakers out there, but not many of them are totally waterproof. [ Braven BRV-1 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, $62]

This fun little gadget is a flashlight, backup USB battery pack, and Micro SD card reader in one. The card reader functionality basically lets you use it as a flash drive. Unfortunately, it relies on a built-in Micro USB charging cable for its backup battery functionality, so iPhone users are out of luck. If you have an Android phone though, this is super clever. [SCUD 2800mah 3in1 Ultra-compact Portable Battery, Card Reader, LED Flashlight w/ Built-in Cable, $10 with code 9COWF5FJ]

Halloween is just around the corner, and you can get your candy ready without ever visiting a store. This is a couple bucks off its regular price. [ Hershey's 125 Piece Halloween Assortment, $15]




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