FoxNews: Gun industry wants to couple 2nd Amendment talk w/scrutiny of "games that teach young kids how to shoot heads."


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Also the NRA is ridiculous, they are just a wing of the gun lobby pushing their own business agenda. They care naught for the protection of rights of individuals. Also I want to add that the original reason for the second amendment was because the US had a legitimate fear that the UK would come back and force them back into colonialism. So it was important to maintain an armed militia. After that fear subsided it was to ensure that there was an armed militia who could adequately defend the country and its people should the government turn corrupt. It was a check to the balance of power of the state military. That also made sense when the state military was made up of single shot rifles and cannons. Now that the state military is made up of tanks, fighter jets, drones etc I would love to see the 20 guys holed up in their farm house try to protect themselves from a corrupt governement that cares for nothing other than their extermination. The fight would last the .5 seconds it takes for the unmaned drone to lock on and blow the building to pieces

get over your damn out of date laws and move into the time. I get that in some states guns are a part of the culture and passed down and feature collections. Thats cool, then have the firing pins removed if thats all you care about, but there is no reason that any individual should own an m16, or a g17, or even a 9mm with extended clips.

And as for personal protection your far more likely to shoot your son or daughter sneaking back in through the window after curfew than you are to shoot an intruder.

Less guns = less deaths. The stats down lie. Less Guns + affordable mental health options = less public massacres

get your act together congress!