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Fox News Allegedly Rips Off The BioShock Infinite Logo

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Well, here's a bit of irony. Check out the logo used by Fox News during a recent interview with Texas Governer Rick Perry about immigration. It sure looks similar to the BioShock Infinite logo, right?

BioShock Infinite, as you might know, features racist zealots who live on a floating city called Columbia. They worship the founding fathers, and they're not so big on immigration. Kind of sounds familiar, no?


Last year, the Tea Party used an image from BioShock Infinite meant to satirize conservative groups like the Tea Party, and this more recent thing by Fox News kind of falls under the same trap.

Even BioShock creator Ken Levine seems to think the Fox logo looks similar.

"Glad to help, Fox," Levine, tweeted yesterday. "Glad to help."


Here's the original BioShock Infinite logo, for comparison's sake: