Some days, solidarity comes from the unlikeliest places, with the unlikeliest of tones. Sometimes your most ardent defendants can be a total dicks about it. For one gamer facing prison time, that happened this morning.

You may remember the 19-year-old League of Legends player from Texas that is facing 8 years in prison for Facebook comments he made. Well, the folks over at Fox’s late night show Red Eye heard about it, and for the most part are none too pleased. So they made jokes about it for about four minutes.


“By this logic, shouldn’t we be arresting half of the commenters on the internet?” said Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld.

The panel went on to refer to the anonymous Canadian woman who saw the original Facebook comments as a 'pederast' and refer to the way the Texas cops handled the case as a travesty of justice.

If you've never been up at 3 in the morning and seen Red Eye, trust me when I say that this is par the course. The show plays to a cloyingly immature sense of humor, but to its credit it is still one of the most watchable and transparent shows on the network, in a grotesque, Morton Downy Jr. way. It is a show that knows exactly what it is. After all, Fox and Friends wouldn't book Damian Abraham or GWAR.


“Kids today talk about how awesome their video games are, and how much better they are than the ones we had, but I never got in trouble for bragging about taking a wooden mallet to a gorilla throwing barrels at me,” comedian Keith Alberstadt joked.

After they were done correcting the punctuation of a 19-year-old currently on suicide watch, Greg Gutfeld offered a glimmer of support.


"Everybody should stay on top of this story. I can't believe there's a kid, in jail, obviously for making a joke," he said. "It's like Turkmenistan," another panelist chimed in.


Sometimes the only people who have your back are the most cynical, black-hearted people on television. Good on you, Red Eye.

"But I do predict we're going to forget about this," one of the guests concluded, before the other guests quickly agreed.


Oh well — it was nice while it lasted.

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