Four Years Later, Civilization VI Gets A Season Pass

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Civilization VI is getting a season pass that’ll cover a range of updates coming to the game over the next 12 months. It sounds...fine?

Four years after it was announced, Civilization VI is in a weird place. It’s two big expansions were good, but not great, and the game’s district-building meta isn’t for everyone. It could probably do with one more substantial update to tie stuff together and really put a bow on everything like Civ V managed, but instead, Firaxis today announced a range of smaller additions that are going to come out between now and March 2021.

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New Civs and leaders are always fun, but the game is already drowning in them, so that’s not exactly a deal-breaker. Indeed the only things here that look of real interest are changes to the district and infrastructure systems, with everything else resembling the drip-feed of content the game experienced between launch and the release of the first expansion (though the more apocalyptic disasters do look cool).

If you added all this stuff up, and depending on how dramatic the district and infrastructure changes are, this could almost have made up a third expansion! So it’s weird that everything is being released the way it is, though everything from developers working from home to the fact Civ VI is now a multiplatform game could be the reason behind it.

If you want to sign up for the pass, it’s USD$40, but some changes are coming as part of free updates for all players as well.

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I haven’t played much of 6, probably under 100 hours, but here are some things I wish they improved:
1) Allow you to alter AI based on win conditions. If I turn off Religion victory, I really wish AI wouldn’t flood my empire with 15 monks and such from 4 different creeds. If I can’t turn religion off completely, that’s fine, but at least have the AI care enough to make military in a domination game.
2) Ability to toggle AI trade. If I literally just got a written work, having already said “no” to a bad trade offer, I don’t want 9 more AI ask for it with literally the same offer. I wish to be able to “lock” some things such that I will only get offers from empires that are in good standing with me, or in my alliance etc. This is constant with every major work, every spare resource, and every world congress point. I wish there was a “Next Turn/No Trade” button.
3) Ability to search in tech tree. As in, I got it open, I don’t remember where a certain Wonder/Unit is, I just want to type it in and have the UI scroll to it. Little quality of life things like that.

I can keep going, but I think those were my most recent grievances.